life groups

What exactly is a Life Group?

According to Acts 2:42, those who wished to follow Jesus… ‘devoted themselves to following the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, breaking bread together and the prayers.’
As authentic Christian followers, our life groups meet in homes or out in the community once a week. We enjoy a time of fellowship, which includes sharing a meal (or snack) and studying Holy Scripture with the help of a leader and various resources (i.e. Bible, spiritual books, and video programs). Prayer is incorporated into our meeting with an understanding that all personal information will be held in strictest confidence. We plan acts of service outside our doors in the community to help others. Through this process, we gently disciple one another and experience the Kingdom of God on Earth.
Life Groups will be a safe house, meaning what is said there must stay there. In other words, it will be kept confidential. Everyone will be allowed the chance to speak and the wishes of those who choose not to share will be respected.


How to get involved with Life Groups:

  • We are looking for adults who are willing to lead a life group
  • We are also looking for adults who want to join a life group.


Interested in Life Groups? Let us know.