the porch light

New to the church? Now that you have visited us, maybe you are ready to explore Waynesville United Methodist Church a little deeper. That’s why we created the Porch Light.
At the Porch Light, our pastor, Patrick Moore shares Waynesville United Methodist Church’s mission, vision and core values.. and he answers your questions about our local church and denomination. (Bring your tough questions!) We figure it’s best for you to know the deep stuff up front, rather than later.

Why do we call it the Porch?

John Wesley compared prevenient grace to the porch in front of the house. When we experience prevenient grace, God has invited us into the house, but we haven’t yet accepted the invitation. We are still standing just outside the door.
The Porch light let’s you know someone is home and that you are welcome to come by for a visit! We want you to know that God wants to have a personal relationship with you no matter what your past has been. Please know that you are welcome at our home.
The Porch Light is informal, and it lets you hear our story, meet some other people and discover how you can connect with Waynesville UMC.
Child care will be available.
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