Cheryl Wood – (email)
Worship Leader / Pianist
Number one thing on my bucket list: I long to live in Scotland so I can work on perfecting my Haggis recipe. Yum!
Favorite cupcake: Raspberry filled chocolate….or maybe vanilla…strawberry isn’t bad…or peanut butter…wait a minute, lemon…don’t forget the cream cheese frosting. 
Most embarrassing moment: Building a set during college and not realizing there was an open can of paint on a 20ft ladder I was moving…They are still cleaning up paint to this day!

Colleen Knichel (email)
Director of Operations (The D.O.)
A hidden talent: Liturgical dance. I like to incorporate tap shoes. The Pastor has requested that I keep this particular talent hidden. 
Favorite cupcake: The only reason I eat cupcakes is for the frosting. Apparently, it is socially unacceptable to walk around with a can of frosting and a spoon. 
First car: A 1975 Dodge Colt, yellow with black stripes. It made me feel like a really sporty bumble bee. 

Amanda Cox

#1 thing on my bucket list:  Retire, join the traveling circus and see the world!
Favorite cupcake:  All of them!
A hidden talent:  Making monkey sounds.

Lisa O’Donnell (email)
Financial Secretary

Judy Ries

First car: 1952 Chevy. I loved that car because, with the help of a few pillows, I was able to drive it. I was low riding before low riding was cool (I’m only 5 ft tall).
Favorite cupcake: Chocolate, because 12 out of every 10 people love chocolate. 
Hidden talent: Can I put scrubbing toilets? Because I can get those suckers clean. 

Rhea Anne Mathews (email)
Director of Ministry Connections
#1 thing on my bucket list: Visiting 20th century England via time travel.  Okay, I’ll settle for a 21st century tour, but I’d really prefer spending a week in Downton Abbey then checking in with my favorite vicar, Sydney Chambers, who lives in 1950’s Grantchester. 
Favorite cupcake:  So many flavors, so little time!  I don’t play favorites with cupcakes.
Hidden talent: Rollerskating in a buffalo herd.  Roger Miller seemed to think it couldn’t be done. 

Kirsten Graham (email)
Office Manager
Unknown fact: I belong to this super secret society called the Blue Stockings (all we do is get together and talk about books…okay, so I belong to a book club that meets monthly – and I rarely actually read the books). 
Number one thing on your bucket list: The number one thing on MY bucket list was nixed by the Director of Operations, so I have to list my number two thing – and that’s to be a contestant on Family Feud. I’ve been practicing and think I could totally rock that show. 
Favorite cupcake: this chocolate & peanut butter one I made a couple years ago (I sprinkled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on top – it was amazing). But really…is there such a thing as a bad cupcake? I don’t think I’ve ever met a cupcake that I didn’t like! 

Nate O’Donnell – (email)
Worship Leader
First car: 1980 AMC Eagle, dark green. No AC, am & fm radio, 4 wheel drive all the time! You filled the gas tank by flipping down the rear license plate. Loved that old car. 
Unknown fact: In college I was in a barbershop quartet that finished 3rd in the world among college quartets. 
Hidden talent: I’m very adept at cleaning toilets. 

Patrick Moore (email)
Senior Pastor
First car: 1985 Chevy Cavalier and I loved it because it meant FREEDOM!
Most embarrassing moment: One Sunday in church, while reading scripture, I said “good weed” instead of “good seed.”
Hidden talent: I consider myself one of the top cribbage players in the world…of course, there are only two of us. 
Other hats I wear: I am a Chaplain in the Missouri Army National Guard with 25 years of military service. Deployments include Iraq, Egypt, Guatemala & Djibouti. 

Denise Read

Director of Children’s Ministries / Preschool Director
#1 thing on my bucket list:  To get rid of bucket lists.
Most embarrassing moment:  When my Mom made me a pair of red, white and blue striped pants that said, “Vote” all over the legs.  I am still being ridiculed!
A hidden talent:  I have many hidden talents but prefer that they stay hidden!

Brianna Kuhns (email)
Nursery Director