“Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

Here at WUMC, we believe in welcoming others as Christ welcomes us. That means we genuinely welcome every single person who walks onto our campus. So how do we accomplish that? Well, we have people who open the doors and greet people with a smile, people who hand out bulletins, who help with offering, who make popcorn, cookies and fresh coffee. We will help you find the nursery, the restroom or a seat! 
The purpose of the hospitality team is to ensure all who enter the Waynesville UMC campus experience a spirit of Jesus that welcomes, provides warmth, acceptance, hospitality, and inclusiveness. In a sense, they know- “We’re glad you’re here and so is Jesus.” 

Areas of the Hospitality Team:

  • Sunday Service
  • Special Services
  • Special Events
  • Boy Scouts
  • 2 by 2 Preschool

How to get involved with Hospitality:

  • We are looking for adults and youth who have warm friendly smiles and like to open doors on Sundays and special events.
  • We are looking for adults who can be present when 2 by 2 Preschool is in session.

  • We are looking for adults who can be present when Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are using the church building.

    Safe Sanctuary Training

    All adults who wish to serve Boy Scout or 2 by 2 Preschool hospitality must go through Safe Sanctuary training first.

Interested in Hospitality? Let us know.