Connect Classes occur on Wednesday’s from 6:15 to 7:45 pm in Room 208. They can be taken in any order and include:

Christian Beliefs (2nd Wednesday)

Discover common beliefs that Christians have about God and humanity? We’ll discuss hot topics like faith, the meaning of sin, eternity, forgiveness and salvation.

Spiritual Practices (3rd Wednesday)

Come learn about spiritual practices like how to study the bible, various prayer techniques, worship, generosity, self-examination and your physical health. You’ll discover that these practices will draw you closer to God, Who in turn balances out your life during good and bad times.

Gifts, Service and Partnering (4th Wednesday)

We’ll help you discover your spiritual gifts and line those up with various ways to serve God’s kingdom through mission and action.  How your presence helps us achieve our God given mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our Community and World! 

Registering & Child Care

Classes are limited to 25 participants each, and can be taken in any order. If you have questions, please contact Sasha Jones at (573)774-2299.
Nursery (infant to 5 years), WNL Kids (1st – 5th grade) and Youth Group (6th – 12th grade).