Our acolyte ministry is one of the most comprehensive acolyte ministries in the region.  We love the fact that our youth, ages six to eighteen participate in this sacred practice of traditional worship.  

  • Candle lighters – the candles remind us that Christ was human and divine.
  • Cross – To help us remember Christ’s death and resurrection when we see the empty cross.
  • Banner – represents the color of the season.  Today’s banner is green, to represent growth, used in the Seasons After the Epiphany and After Pentecost, except when special days call for white or red.  
  •  The Bible – the Word of God
  •  Holy Water – Jesus is the living water.
  •  Holy Oil – to remind us of the anointing of the Holy Spirit
  •  Bread – to remember that Christ’s body was broken for us.
  •  Grape Juice – to remember that Christ’s blood was shed for us

How you can get involved with the Acolyte Ministry:

  • We are looking for adults who can help lead.
  • We are also looking for kids and youth who want to take part in the acolyte ministry during church services.

Safe Sanctuary Training

All adults who wish to serve with the acolyte ministry must go through Safe Sanctuary training first.

Interested in the acolyte ministry? Let us know!